We offer a wide range of products with our high quality seafood and of course everything is gluten free!


Seafood Sausages (Haddock and Salmon)

Our scrumptious salmon and haddock Seafood Sausage are 100% natural and delicious. An excellent source of protein and Omega 3, you won’t find any artificial colours, preservatives or additives.


Haddock Goujons

Hand cut fresh fillets of Kilmore Quay Haddock tossed in gluten-free bread crumbs and lemon-pepper seasoning.


Cajun Salmon

A delightful combination of succulent salmon portions coated in a light oil based marinade with peppers, onions, paprika and garlic.


Salmon Sensation

Succulent salmon portions gently marinated in our Spanish Harbour dipping sauce.


Smokie Breaded Fish Cake

A mouth-watering combination of salmon, smoked coaly with potatoes, onions, parsley and herbs in a gluten-free crumb


Oak Smoked Haddock with Chilli & Chive.

Traditionally cured, oak smoked haddock with chilli and chives. Healthy, low in fat and 100% natural


Oak Smoked Salmon

Traditionally cured, oak smoked salmon. 100% Natural and Ready to Eat.


Gourmet Smoked Salmon Delights

Our traditional cured salmon in a crispy gluten free crumb with a honey & mustard dip.