Haddock Goujons

Hand cut fresh fillets of Kilmore Quay Haddock tossed in gluten-free breadcrumbs and lemon-pepper seasoning.  Our food service goujons are produced to exactly the same high quality standards as our retail products and boast 70% fish content with no artificial colours or flavours. We pack our goujons frozen in a 4kg carton 4 x 1kg.

 Seafood Sausages
(Haddock and Salmon)

Our scrumptious salmon and haddock Seafood Sausage are 100% natural and delicious. An excellent source of protein and Omega 3, you won’t find any artificial colours, preservatives or additives. Made with prime fillets of fresh fish, our gluten free sausages have 77% fish content. Easy to cook and versatile, they do not shrink during cooking and are perfect for soups and stews. Packed in 48 x 60g per case frozen.

Hot Smoked Trout

Smoked using pure oak shavings.  Contains no artificial colours, additives or preservatives. Fillets are fully prepared and ready to eat. Simply serve with salad and wholesome brown bread! What could be more convenient?
Packed in a 3kg carton.

Real fish Finger

Made from locally caught wild haddock our fish fingers are not reformed but cut from prime fillets which are lightly coated in a gluten free breadcrumb. They contain NO artificial colours or flavours and have a 70% fish content just like you would make yourself. Ideal for a healthy kids’ menu. Our fish fingers are packed in a 4kg carton frozen 4 x 1kg.

Fish Bites

Bite size portions of Kilmore Quay Haddock shapes mixed with Wexford vegetables, coated in a light gluten free breadcrumb. A great way to encourage younger children to eat more fish.Our fish bites are 100% Irish and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Packed in a 4kg carton frozen 4 x 1kg

Smokie Fish Cake

We make our fish cakes from fresh salmon and smoked coley with potatoes, onion, parsley and herbs in a crispy gluten free breadcrumb. Unlike most fish cakes on the market our cake has over 70% fish content and no added sugar or artificial flavours/colours.
Packed 48 x 110g cakes per carton frozen.

Fish Burger

Our fish burgers are made from fresh haddock fillet mixed with local vegetables and coated in a light gluten free breadcrumb. You won’t find any artificial colours or flavours in our burgers. Created with the kids’ menu in mind, we ensure that our burgers have over 70% fish content. A real natural and healthy alternative for children.

Packed 48 x 100g burgers per carton frozen.